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Sunday, September 25, 2011

What a week it has been!

So the new job is turning out alright. I still need to be faster but the stress and physical levels are much reduced and that's a good thing. So I'm pretty happy overall. I do have another job interview next week that I am very hopeful about that, if I get it, will pay at least 50% more than my current work. It's also in Ogden so it's much closer to home than the current job.

The BSU is back in Oregon as word got sent down that her sister is in critical condition. The sis has been ill for oaver a year but now she has had a turn for the worse and the family was called in. I don't know how long the BSU might be away so I'm playing bachelor (and housekeeper) until her return.

After putting a pot roast into the crock pot this afternoon and reconfiguring our bedroom so that the BSU can sleep on the other side of the bed- how's that going to work anyway?, I took the best motorcycle ride of the year. I left home, headed out Ogden Canyon, past Pineview Reservoir and Huntsville, out South Fork Canyon, over Monte Cristo and all the way out to Woodruff, supposedly the coldest place in Utah. Theere's no place to buy gas or coffee in Woodruff and it turned out my intended route into Logan was an additional 80 miles plus the 50 miles from Logan to home. So I turned around and retraced my trip for a total of 120 miles of beautiful, fall motorcycle riding. The weather was perfect, the leaves are turning yellow, orange and scarlet and the road was smooth and clean for the entire ride.

When I got home, the pot roast was perfect!

So the bedroom's clean, I had a great motorcycle ride, a tasty dinner and have a job interview on Tuesday! And we should have the house refinanced this week to put almost $500 more into our pockets and to pay bills with. Ya gotta love it!

One final note- we passed the 12th anniversary of living in the Wasted Electrons World Headquarters earlier this month! I've never lived 12 years in any house in my entire life, so this being settled in feeling is mighty nice.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I got thrown under the bus at work-

and ended up landing in daisies! Yesterday I was told that when I got to work, I'd be transfered to a new department and job. Seems my boss where I had been building gas bottles didn't think I was up working up to speed and expectations so I was out. I was kinda butt hurt about the situation because I thought I was getting competant and, if not being the the fastest bottle builder, that I was at least pulling my own weight.

So I went to work expecting to be dumped into some crappy job that would be worse than the last job. Turns out, I was transferred over to the Pyro section and now my job is to circulate between 2 1/2 iinflator manufacture cells and keep the raw materials stocked up going into the machines. I pull small parts out of boxes and put them into hoppers or small conveyor belts at 1 station then move to the next cell, do the same thing again and around and around, keeping the machines full of parts.

Much easier. Much less stressful. Cleaner, less noisy and generally far more pleasant than bottle fabrication. There are operators running each machine and they seem far more friendly and relaxed than the people I used to work with. They're helpful and pleasant and seem to be glad to be at their job instead of sullen amd morose like the last folks I worked with.

So for once in my life, I think I got the better deal! I'm still looking for work outside of production but for right now, I'm happier than I was last week.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Working for a living...

Larry stinks!

In the cell ( how's that for a description of a workplace?) where I spend 8 hours every work day, there are fans blowing the air in every direction. There's a big floor fan at the back of the cell that moves most of the air towards the front but 2 more smaller fans mixing things up.

And there is a pool of "Floaters" who are assigned to a different cell each night to make up for missing people. My cell has been down 1 guy for a couple weeks due to an injury and in his place, on 2 occasions, we've gotten Larry.

Larry needs an intervention that includes a couple of king sized bars of Lifebouy soap wrapped in a gym sock and applied vigorously about his head and shoulders. The man reeks of BO! I've worked with him 2 nights and if he is upwind or within 3 feet of me, the air is offensive and noxious.

It's a little hard to believe that with all the air currents blasting around in multiple directions that a little BO could be offensive. But Larry's BO isn't little, it's aweful!

My boss says he's going to contact Larry's boss to see if he can't be told to hit the shower and the laundromat a little more often.